Profile of AFBS

Asia Finance Internet Business School (hereinafter referred to as AFBS),was jointly initiated and established by Asia Finance and Tsinghua University,is China's first Whampoa Military Academy of internet finance.Relying on the industrial base and ecological resources of Asia Finance Community,AFBS innovatively apply the mode of”O2O+UGC+Services of Integration of Industry with Finance”to apply what they have learned,to coordinate learning and doing business.By integrating the Theory of Consumption Capital, AFBS created the era of consumption capital with applying the creative and innovative mode. ABFS is a first internet finance school,which demonstrates education supply-side reform in China.

  • Demonstration of education supply-side reform
  • Practice of the Theory of Consumption Capital
  • Integration of Enterprise-School-Research
  • Allying with CBRC (China Banking Regulatory Commission),Central Bank,CAC (Cyberspace Administration of China) and other regulatory authorities,Through long-term strategic cooperation with international well-known universities and research institutes,such as Peking University,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Harvard Business School and Wharton Business School,AFBS integrates above institutes’ resources for practitioners to strengthen financial knowledge,also for cross-border personnel to carry out common sense. Users can enhance financial knowledges to fully control the risk in internet financial management,effectively higher profitability,support China’s education supply-side reform,reserve talented person for the internet finance security.

  • AFBS is a demonstration of education supply-side reform,and a practice of the Theory of Consumption Capital(TCC). According to the principle of TCC,AFBS is the first practice of TCC in the education field in china,which starts the mode of learning- doing- wealth management,gain knowledge and wealth at same time. Students can participate wealth management and Doing by Learning plans at the Asia Finance.

  • AFBS mission is“formulated the industry standard,training new generation financial talent,foster industry specialist and leader". AFBS follows the most advanced business school education pattern,provides variety of doing by learning platforms for internet finance practitioners,investors,financial institutions,medium small and micro-sized enterprises. AFBS contributes to the national industrial restructure upgrading and integration. Research achievements which meet the evaluation standard of School Expert Committee,could be converted into visible value by various forms of cooperation.AFBS also promotes the commercialization of research achievements.

Corporate Values of AFBS

Ideas of AFBS

Collaboration, Contribution, Sharing; Talent, Wealth, Wisdom.

Targets of AFBS

To building a top level “Whampoa Military Academy” of internet finance in the worldwide.

Mission of AFBS

To training more financial talents,to meet to the modern financial development,to gain knowledges and wealth by "doing by learning".

Vison of AFBS

To build a demonstration for the Theory of Consumption (Investment) Capital;Create a socialized communist platform using Internet financial resources;Sharing the common wealth.

Interpretation for AFBS Model

1.Theory of Consumption Capital (TCC)/triple capital/hybrid power/ economic perpetual motion

Guided by TCC,AFBS adopts the model of "micro consumers,micro investors and micro shareholders”to transform consumption capital into industrial capital and financial capital.

Professor Chen Yu

AFBS Distinguished Expert Dean

World New Economic Research Institute

Famous economist Originat

Originator of the Theory of Consumption Capital

Core content of TCC: After consumers purchased goods from an enterprise,the enterprise should regard the consumers as investors of the enterprise,and at a certain time interval,the enterprise should return a certain proportion of the profits to the consumers. That reveals consumers play two roles at same time ---consumers and investors,the consumption transform into capital as well.

"supply-side reform",supply and demand matching,consumption upgrading,two-way matching of economic structure

Buyer's demand is the source of the development of market economy,the ultimate goal of economic development is to meet the growing needs of people's material and cultural. The Theory of Consumption Capital,the allocations should be on the basis of labor and production factors,allow the coexist of various modes of allocations;With consumption capital ,knowledge capital and monetary capital interaction with each other,the triple capitals promote the supply-side reform,accelerating the construction of socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics.

Triple capitals,hybrid power,three-wheel driven,interaction and intergrowth

Three parties joint operate,co-manage and share rights and duties

2. O2O+UGC+Services of Integration of Industry with Finance

O2O:online learning,offline doing

Online learning: Fragmentation learning,Holistic learning resources,Intelligent use,Flexible and Convenient.

Offline doing: Summit Forums,Internet Finance Sharing Events,Distinguished Scholar teaching theory and practice face-to-face;Visit and learn at enterprises,Improve abilities of decision making and leading power,Joint develop research,Realize the commercialization of R&D ,Masses entrepreneurship and innovation,Business incubator


UGC: The intellectual products of faculties and students will be converted into investment,to share profits and enhance the efficiency of financial services.

Services of Integration of Industry

Services of Integration of Industry with Finance promotes Finance to serve the real economy ,to allocate supply and demand factors

Advantages of AFBS

Inviting financial celebrities from government organization,well-known colleges,famous enterprises, large financial institutions,as AFBS’tutors,sharing the wisdom of the tutors.

A globalized and interactive platform for learning and exchanging,opening international perspective.

One-stop education system which provids academic education, vocational education, practical education,and qualification training.

Innovating collaboratively of Enterprise-School-Research,sharing VC-resources of capital and industry.

Promoting the flow of financial talents, Being helpful to the Personal Career Planning.

Re-allocating the capital elements,promoting service of combinating of industry and finance.