Profile of Asia Finance Net

Aisa Finance Net,based on domestic and facing to asia,is the first allfinaz portal with the strongest influence in asia,is a financial credit information collection institute.

  • A service network of financial big-data applications The only new-finance vertical portal in the internet financial intelligence The first UGC platform which focuses on the reputation of the internet financial products in the form of interaction

2010,Aisa Finance Net formally launched,covering entire financial sectors.Over the years,Aisa Finance Net cooperated with Xinhua News Agency,Shanghai Finance News,Shanghai Securities News,other financial information and data agencies, for having established a complete database in financial information services by the leading internet technology. Entering the“internet + ” era,by upgrading the strategic layout,Aisa Finance Net would take stabilizing financial order as its mission,expand service fields,provide valuable internet financial intelligence,build a safety of inclusive financial ecosystem.

Based on the new-financial format with the characters of decentralization and data-is-king,Aisa Finance Net would help the investors to dissolve the risk of information asymmetry,implement the whole industry chain operation,by developing a series of financial products,such as Financial-intelligence,Financial-review,Financial-rating,Financial-public-opinion,Financial-credit,Financial-markets,Asset management,etc.

In coming future,Aisa Finance Net will be CHINA’S Bloomberg ,which could be based in aisa and outlook for the world.

Corporate Values of Asia Finance Net

  • Ideas of Asia Finance Net

  • Targets of Asia Finance Net
    To be China`s Bloomberg----Asia Finance Agency.

  • Vison of Asia Finance Net
    To build a internet financial socialized communist platform which never be listed.

Products and Services

Asia Finance Net always hold ideas of “decentralization”,”data-is-king”and “internet-thinking”,implement the whole industry chain operation,build a safe and inclusive ecosystem,by developing a series of financial products,such as Financial-intelligence,Financial-review,Financial-rating,Financial-public-opinion,Financial-credit,Financial-markets,Asset management,etc.

Products and Services Financial Review

Financial Review

Financial Review gathers the newest and hottest points from famous financial experts,scholars,the most influential“grassroots”celebrities,the most professional financial journalists and industry elites;integrates the investors’comment on finance insititution,financial product,financial sevices,carefully build aplatform using UGC integration,which focus on the reputation of the Internet financial products.

Products and Services Financial Intelligence

Financial Intelligence

Asia Finance Net research team relies on financial review service,financial rating,financial market data,to carry out an objective and fair assessment by the third party perspective on the financial industry and institutions to help ordinary investors to make investment decision.Asia Finance Net will also provide industry research report for professional people.

Products and Services Financial Rating

Financial Rating

Basing on quality platform,using self-own rating system,Asia Finance Net provides financial institutions and products rating service for the users,providing users efficient decision-making tool,avoiding the market risk and financial fraud.

Products and Services Financial Credit

Financial Credit

Integrating sunk big data resources,as a professional third party institution,Asia Finance Net setup credit files of institutions for user investment reference by integrating sunk big data resources. At the same time,credit service system is available both online and offline.

Products and Services Financial Market

Financial Market

With use of professional rating screening system,Asia Finance Net attracts outstanding financial institutions and financial products joining the system. Financial experts of Asia Finance Net recommend appropriate financial products to the users,Asia Finance Net help users to control risks and manage personal wealth with interest rate and other benefits.

Products and Services Finance public opinion

Finance public opinion

Public opinion management system was jointly developed by Asia Finance Net and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute.It provides advance monitoring,reporting service,integrates tracking,monitoring and information service,delivering premium information to financial industry sectors,enterprises and local governments,avoiding financial risks,improving products quality and enterprises competitiveness.

Products and Services Asset Management

Asset Management

To meet the needs of users and market,Asia Finance Net invite quality partners to construct the legal and risk-controllable P2P project and crowd funding platform. We help users and investors to solve the bottleneck of investment and financing,ensure investors to receive the agreed rate of return.At the same time,Asia Finance Net financial experts are willing to be entrusted to manage users’large amount of assets,ensuring preserve or increase the value.

Partners of Asia Finance Net