Asia Finance Group & GTSEZ
Achieve comprehensive strategic cooperation
Create the First Globally Focused Digital Special Economic Zone

Introducing the digital industry + application of digital economy in traditional industry

Dual-track model brings the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone into a new phase of rapid development


Achieve comprehensive strategic cooperation
Strategic implementation

Introducing the digital industry +application of digital economy in traditional industry
Dual-track model brings the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone into a new phase of rapid development

Digital Industry Base of GTSEZ
Scene of Base

Initial Planning Phase of Base

The digital industry base was constructed by China Overseas Traffic Construction

Pan-Asian Digital Economy Cooperation Headquarters

Building Area: 36,300 square meters


Building Area: 23,000 square meters

Apartment Building

Building Area: 129,700 square meters


Building Area: 3,757 square meters

Investment Advantage
  • ·The domestic economy and industrial structure are in a state of adjustment, the international investment environment of Southeast Asia is becoming more and more mature and Southeast Asia is becoming a global emerging investment market, the Golden Triangle has unique advantages.
  • ·As the first stop of the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, Laos actively responds to the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, and the relationship between China and Laos is at its best in history.
  • ·The GTSEZ as state-level template of Laos’ reform and opening up which enjoys multiple policies inclinations, for example, Laos’ “Change landlocked country into land joint country” strategy, Chinese “One Belt and One Road” initiative,”Lancang-Mekong Cooperation” and “Great Mekong Subregion Cooperation”.
  • ·Nowadays, after more than ten years of development, the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone has already completed the initial infrastructure construction and formed a good investment environment.
  • ·Due the current imbalanced industrial structure and the relative lag in local development, the GTSEZ is convenient for rapid reform and digital upgrades. There has a broad space for development in all walks of life.
  • ·The GTSEZ connects the Laos, China, Thailand and Myanmar, adjacent to the Mekong River flowing through the six countries, extending in all directions and radiating the world.
  • ·The Golden Triangle is an important node of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy. Through close cooperation between China and Laos in trade and other fields, the digital industry base will surely drive local development, and the GTSEZ will become a global focusing economic zone.
  • · The GTSEZ has a pleasant climate with a tropical, subtropical monsoon climate and has rich natural resources and cheap labor.
  • · The digital industry base of GTSEZ is located in the golden area, 800 meters away from the customs port, the geographical advantage is obvious.
  • ·China and Laos are highly compatible politically and culturally.
  • · Zhao Wei, as chairman of the GTSEZ administrative committee and the leader of Chinese business, will comprehensively lead the development of the GTSEZ.
  • ·The GTSEZ has a high degree of autonomy, and the GTSEZ has a stable social politics and diverse culture.
  • ·Good investment environment, convenient policy about self-approval and one-stop service.
  • ·Favorable investment policy, tax policy, land policy, etc.
  • ·Asia Finance Group and the Management Committee have maintained a long-term stable, deep and friendly relationship.
  • ·Asia Finance Group will introduce the most advanced high-tech and best talent team in the digital industry base, and digitally empower traditional industries.

Documentary of Base
Co-construction Philosophy
Work together、Mutual development、Introduce elements、
Reasonable allocation、Offer abilities、Exert strengths
Constantly Create New Points of Value Growth

The fertile land for investment——Digital industry base of GTSEZ

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