Profile of AF-Mall

With the rapid development of Internet, e-commerce, Asia financial online mall (hereinafter referred to as in the rich mall) positive response to the government "Internet +" and "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation", integrates a large number of online and offline business resources, strict screening and audit every brand and in business cooperation, to protect the interests of members (consumers, investors).

The goods on the basis of meet for daily shopping mall, innovative. Asia through innovative and practical applications of finance and economics "das kapital" consumption built a simple and convenient platform for buster,,, let the consumer not only to enjoy shopping at a low price at the same time, will also be spending capital into investment capital, consumer and business operator free conversion, mutual benefit, sharing of commodity business.

The goods mall is innovative to B2B2C and O2O model integration, to achieve cross-regional integration of online resources, and online supply and marketing mode. Through online passenger flow data for supplier and consumer provide broad commodity supply and demand analysis, to help suppliers of goods supply configuration, and precision guide consumers online spending.

Asian finance with advanced business model, with electricity as the platform, the use of the Internet financial, industrial capital will give priority to with the production side, with mainly consumers of monetary capital, organically fuses in together, and then through the consumption to promote industrial development, through the consumer industry resource reconfiguration, thus promote "to inventory, restructuring" the implementation of national strategy.

The encrypted digital assets of the inferior goods store innovation – the AF-Point, let consumer get AF-Point through shopping consumption, sharing the profits. Points for gifts,points for shopping, points interconnection and other diversified services have been launched at the same time for construction for consumers enjoy comfortable life circle with unique global new enjoy shopping!

Features of AF-Mall

Points charged against cash for now, shopping is more cost-effective

Mall Features

Consumer/students score can be directly used for shopping

Consumers union, the businessman preferential benefit

Mall Features

More consumers, students formed a powerful alliance of consumption, pushing more high-quality merchants preferential benefit students

Quality guarantee, satisfied service

Mall Features

The goods store to provide the most thoughtful pre-sale after-sales service, merchant, famous brand, let your shopping safety, quality

High quality into their lives, quick experience

Mall Features

Convenient and easy, life need money shopping brings you, let you never leave home enjoy the efficient joyful life

Prospects of AF-Mall

Focus on the future, the wealth mall will be on the basis of the information technology and e-commerce and rely on, to build a business cooperation between the seller and the buyer market development, Bridges, Shared benefits and win-win innovation channels and methods. Subversion and innovation of China and the world information industry, the Internet business model, the present situation of the electronic commerce and industry, for China's future economic and industrial development, especially the pattern of business rules, the world of Internet information industry and improve the status of electrical business of China and improve, has made the country at a height of state planning marketing planning, preparation, and technology and method.

As a new thing, no matter you know not to know, he already is to thrive, whatever you do don't act, have someone to run! Online shopping will be the next economic development new luminescent spot!